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Игры psp 2013

Last season, 7,760 unique players competed in the PSP circuit.  1,973 of those players were international – representing 38 countries from around the world.  The domestic competitors came from all 50 states.  Over 50 different companies participated in the 2012 PSP Trade Shows.   Over 100,000 fans follow the PSP on Facebook.  Big things are always happening at the PSP.  While we’d love to provide you with all the details of the 2012 off-season, we will just share what matters most: The PSP 2013 season will be bigger and better than ever.

Starting in Texas and working its way across the United States, the 2013 PSP Circuit will consist of 5 major events with an estimated 130 – 330 teams per event. Events will offer several divisions of play including the RaceTo format and Pump Competitions as well as the incorporation of the Ultimate Woodsball League. Each event will have massive grandstands and a live webcast through PaintballAccess.com for the public to enjoy as they cheer on their favorites out of the most skilled Professional teams in Paintball.

Event #4 – Confirmed
PSP West Coast Open
August 16 – 18, 2013
Ab Brown Sports Complex, Riverside, California


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